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Relax & Unwind 500g

Relax & Unwind 500g

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Relax and unwind and soak your tired, tense muscles while calming the mind with our in-house botanical bath salts blend. Each blend is mineral rich infused with magnesium flakes, Himalayan salts and essential oils + botanicals for a powerful, energetic & detoxifying

Enjoy as either a bath to completely immerse into or a bowl to soak those feet while you light a candle or few and sip on whatever beverage tickles your fancy! Add half a cup of salts to hot running water and then soak for as long as desired, a minimum of 20 minutes for maximum results & benefits.

Ingredients include: Magnesium Sulphate, Himalayan Pink Salt, Bicarbonate soda, organic coconut oil, mixed dried botanicals & blended essential oils.

Available in a 40g sample size pouch, 200g pouch and 500g pouch.

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